What is Hexigo?


Like it or not email is a part of life. A big part. It’s everywhere, everyone uses it everyday and everyone understands it. Unfortunately it can be as unproductive as it can be beneficial. 

Hexigo is an email prioritization tool, designed to identify which emails you actually need to read. It saves you time by identifying which emails you personally need to address.


Inbox Clarity

Email hasn’t changed much in 15 years. In the early days your inbox assumed that every email you received was equal. This is no longer the case. Now most people feel inundated by the volume of email they receive. Which email should I read?

Hexigo brings clarity to your Inbox.
Immediately identify which emails are important and which ones can wait. 

Email threads suck.
Hexigo makes them productive

Giant email threads not only clog your Inbox but usually create more confusion than clarity.
Hexigo streamlines these interaction by documenting key information in a single place and driving teams to commit to a course of action and reach an outcome. 


Reach tangible outcomes

With the open ended nature of email, things drag on or don’t reach a conclusion. Hexigo fosters tangible outcomes - rounding out conversations and producing a result from all the back and forth. No more open-ended conversations. No more ambiguity. 

The No. 1 email you don’t want to miss


The No. 1 email that people don’t want to miss is when they are specifically asked to do something. In a world where you sift through 200+ daily emails, Hexigo ensures you never miss those emails you actually need to respond to. Hexigo unburdens employees whilst ensuring you never miss the emails you actually need to be responding to.


Easily find email outcomes

Trying to find an email from months ago?
Do you honestly think you will find it?
With Hexigo, your email outcomes are stored in the cloud with amazing search and retrieval options.
Meaning you can locate them in seconds.

Retain knowledge

Hexigo creates a repository of all outcomes. It records the complete context of how and why a decision is made, not just the final resolution. As people move on and teams and systems change, Hexigo serves as the long-term memory of the organization.

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