Hexigo partners with Tibbr

Tibbr & Hexigo

At Hexigo, we're dedicated to helping organization's harness their collective knowledge and collaborate to manage and make good business decisions.

Today, we're very excited to announce our integration with Tibbr -- A leading social network for enterprise. Tibbr is used by thousands of the world's leading companies to connect dispersed people, resources and knowledge centrally. Since Hexigo is all about connecting people and knowledge to reach formal decisions, both Hexigo and Tibbr are complimentary to each other.

So, over the past 6 months, the Hexigo and Tibbr teams worked closely together to integrate Hexigo with Tibbr.

Here's how both Hexigo & Tibbr can work together:

Imagine that your sales teams are working on a a new sales pitch together. You can use your existing Tibbr network to connect your dispersed teams and people to share initial ideas. When a formal decision needs to be made (eg: finalizing a strategy), simply use the Hexigo application from inside Tibbr to discuss, propose, review and approve decisions collectively. All of Hexigo's decision notifications will appear inside Tibbr through status updates. This means that there is virtually no learning curve, and that people will never miss an important decision again.

“Hexigo’s decision management system helps teams make clear decisions and then track progress of those decisions. Combining the decision-making power of Hexigo with the collaboration capability of tibbr ensures all team members understand when and why a decision is made.” - James Cattermole, Hexigo CEO.

This is just the beginning of Hexigo's strategy to make collaborative decision making and management accessible to more companies. We hope to integrate our platform with other complimentary cloud-based enterprise 2.0 systems.

Hexigo is now available on the Tibbr marketplace.

Learn more about how to use Hexigo & Tibbr.

Read the full press release and announcement from Tibco, or contact Hexigo for more information.