Solutions vs Decisions

Tibbr & Hexigo

Anyone who follows world news and politics will be familiar with the terms "The Middle East Solution" and the "Syria Solution". What these issues have actually yet to see, is an actual DECISION.

So why is it that despite world leaders collaborating and all the policy solutions they come up with, many issues are never actually resolved?

It probably has to do with the difference between a SOLUTION and a DECISION.

A solution is a collaborative exercise created with collective views, often with a lot of compromise. Final solutions are accepted by all involved. A decision is an authoritative action which is then implemented to people to ensure compliance. Decisions can still be collaborative, but with a leader/ final decision maker driving the process.

Here is more of a breakdown between the difference of solutions & decisions.

- A decision is taken by a person in power, a leader. A solution is co-created by the community of interest.

- A decision is made despite other views and other ways of thinking. A solution emerges from diverse views and multiple ways of thinking.

- A decision is done “to” people. A solution is created “with” people.

- A decision often needs to be enforced to ensure compliance. A solution is co-delivered by the community of interest.

- A decision only succeeds while there is a powerful leader to sponsor it. A solution endures on its own merits.

- A decision is fragile and prone to criticism and back down. A solution is strong because it works.

- A decision is my response to the problem to be solved as I understand it. A solution is our wise response to our collective dilemma, broadly defined.

Business leaders are trained to make decision rather than broker solutions, which is fine when faced with simple issues. But when it comes to complex problems with various issues and parties to factor and consider, decisions cab a lot harder to reach.

Poor business decisions due to complex issues will most likely fail.

What business leaders are now learning to do, is to tap into the collective knowledge and wisdom of their companies/communities to understand and discuss issues from all perspectives to then collaborate and come up with innovative solutions or decisions.

Hexigo can drive both decisions and solutions depending the challenges facing your business.