SmartCompany interview with Hexigo CEO

SmartCompany InterviewHexigo’s founder and CEO James Cattermole recently conducted a SmartCompany interview for Talking Business. In the interview James Cattermole discusses how Hexigo is making inroads with it’s first-of-a-kind decision making feature.

“The big thing that happens in a lot of organisations is that the actual decision-making tends to have very little rigour around it,’’ Cattermole says. “They have lot of processes for things like project management and procurement but actual decision-making is often just done by whoever happens to be sitting around the table at the time.’’

“That’s why we call this a decision management system. It’s about the power of big organisations where decisions are made every day. They could be big decisions and they could be little decisions. The problem is that 70% of those decisions get lost."

In the interview, he also goes on to discuss who is behind Hexigo and future plans.

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The SmartCompany interview can be read here.

The Talking Business Podcast can be downloaded here.