5 reasons non-profits are early adopters of Hexigo

Since Hexigo launched not long ago, some of our earliest adopters and clients have been non-profit organizations. This is not surprising, as non-profits tend to be fairly large, dispersed, and often have various people involved in the decision making and approval process. Due to the nature of being a non -profit, non-profits are need to be transparent, accountable and inclusive. Hexigo is the perfect platform for that. Our Marketing Manager recently discussed 5 reasons why non-profit organisations are early adopters of Hexigo.

If you haven't already watched the video, here's the summary:

  • 1. Change Management

Hexigo allows non-profits to track, and manage change in one central place. Ensuring nothing is lost.

  • 2. Group Decision Making

Hexigo connects decision makers, with decision influencers and knowledge. This provides more supports during the decision making process, thus ensuring better decision making.

  • 3. Decision Management

Hexigo makes people accountable and keeps things transparent. Non-profits need to make sure every discussion and outcome is tracked for accountability and transparency. Hexigo lets them do this.

  • 4. Risk Mitigaton

By connecting decision makers, with decision influencers and knowledge, Hexigo eliminates a lot of the risk in making a business a decision. Every outcome reached in Hexigo has to be checked by the relevant parties before being finalized.

  • 5. Innovation

Most non-profit organizations often are reactive to business change and needs. Hexigo allows people within non-profits to be pro-active with potential issues and new ideas. Hexigo creates a new culture of innovation and change.