Introducing Notifications and @username callouts

Today, we're excited to launch Notifications and @username callouts for Hexigo. This is functionality we've been busily putting together over the past month or two, functionality that we are certain is going to change the way you use Hexigo - for the better!

The new notifications area of Hexigo dramatically enhances the existing Activity Feed. We have extended this functionality through the new Notifications area to be much more granular and personalised to you. While the Activity Feed gives you updates on all of the decisions, the Notifications section informs you of activity that requires your action: specific activities that you actually need to respond to or tasks you need to perform.

Notifications dropdown. Easy access to 'your' Notifications
Notifications Dropdown

Callout or @username functionality.
And even more exciting, you also have the ability to @mention or as we say 'Callout' a specific user. This means you can reference your colleagues at any point in the decision making process with the knowledge that the system will prompt them to engage and respond.

@Username. Reference or callout a colleague
Username callouts

@Username. See where you have been referenced in the decision trail
Username callouts

More focused, more productive.
These new features have now rolled out and are ready for you to use. Internally we’ve been using them for a few weeks and are thrilled at how much more focused and productive the decision making process is. So get on in and see for yourself how great these updates are. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think.