Improve Employee Onboarding

Improve Employee Onboarding

Karie Willyerd writing for the Harvard Business Review recently wrote an interesting article about how social collaboration tools can improve employee on-boarding. It basically discusses how new social enterprise collaboration technology in business can improve employee on-boarding.

To summarize her article, she discusses that the on-boarding of employees in large companies is a complex process involving various people and processes. Knowledge needs to be handed over, and systems setup, which can lead to various problems.

The article goes on to elaborate on specific studies conducted by the Aberdeen group, on how good, early employee on-boarding leads to more engaged employees.

This is where collaboration tools like Hexigo come in.

How can Hexigo improve employee onboarding?

- The employee recruitment process. It requires various parties and decisions.

- Set-up of systems, facilities and equipment. This also involves various people and processes.

- Training and handover of information. New employees can see how decisions and outcomes were reached.

Try Hexigo out for yourself. Alternatively, read the full article from Harvard Business Review here.

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