The Hexigo dashboard, redesigned

In keeping with our goal to make Hexigo as intuitive and easy to use as possible, today we're happy to announce that we've given the Hexigo Dashboard a major upgrade.

The new design see’s the 'Dashboard' evolve into an 'Activity Feed'.
This new feed is more elegant, simpler to use and more efficient, without adding or removing any features.

Before: Dashboard was split into 'Summary' and 'Feed'
Hexigo Activity Before

After: 'Summary' and 'Feed' are combined onto single page
Hexigo Activity After

Based on feedback we've received from users, we've transformed the previous 'Dashboard' feed into something more akin to your email client. What this means is new items are now much easier to identify and items already visited are more clearly greyed out. This helps you, the user, to more easily determine which feed items require your attention.

We've also morphed the previous 'Dashboard Summary' into tabs at the top of your feed. So not only can you still filter the feed by item type, you can very easily gain a snapshot of the breakdown of activity occurring within your Hexigo groups and decisions.

We've been testing the redesign with a subset of users, and internally here at Hexigo headquarters. The feedback has been really positive, so we're excited to roll this out. We hope you enjoy this change and appreciate the benefits as much as we do.