Hexigo patents first-of-a-kind "decision making feature"

Hexigo, a collaborative decision managment platform for teams and enterprises, recently announced the release of a new "Decision Making Feature" (patent pending).

The first-of-a-kind "Decision Making Feature" (patent pending) means Hexigo is the only collaboration platform with a built-in "Decision Making Feature" that ensures that decisions are reached for every business conversation.

"We feel our "Decision Making" feature, is what differentiates Hexigo to other collaboration platforms. Unlike other platforms, Hexigo is all about driving productivity by producing outcomes".

How does it work: The "Decision Making Feature", is built into the Hexigo system. It's simply an added to option to every conversation that allows users to propose an outcome for any conversation. Once an outcome is suggested, other users can agree or disagree with it. Once everyone has had their say, an outcome can be approved or rejected. It's that simple.

How can it be used:

For more information on this feature visit the Hexigo website: www.Hexigo.com


The official press release can be read here.