Greater Transparency

Decision Export & Decision Activity Tracking

Today, Hexigo releases some great new functionality, most of which comes directly from customer requests. Along with a few bug fixes and some other smaller updates, the primary enhancements to Hexigo are; the ability to export a decision, visibility over who has agreed or disagreed with a contribution and the tracking of who has and hasn’t contributed to a decision.

Decision export (print to PDF)
The decision export functionality allows you to PDF an entire decision so that it can be shared with a wider audience. By simply clicking the new “Print” button in the top menu the entire decision is converted into a PDF that you can email to colleagues or print for meetings. The PDF has the original issue/question at the very top and the final decision immediately underneath it, which means the decision can be put in front of your manager and they can easily what the issue was and how the team decided to handle it.

With the decision export functionality you can share the full detail of how and why a decision was made with people who aren't even users of Hexigo. Simply email the PDF to a wider audience or upload it to a file sharing system like or SharePoint.

Decision Export

Agree / Disagree transparency
Hexigo has functionality which allows you to agree or disagree with a colleague’s contribution with one-click. Previously this functionality has been anonymous. However, due to requests from customers, we have now made this functionality transparent so you can see who has agreed or disagreed with a post.

Agree / Disagree transparency

Contribution visibility
Within a team it's critical to clearly understand who is and isn't contributing. As such we've added a new feature which allows you to instantly see which of your colleagues have and have not contributed to a decision. A new panel has been inserted to the left of the decision, displaying which members have contributed to the decision (green dot) and those members who haven't (red dot).

With this simple functionality you can instantly identify which of your team mates are contributing and which ones need “a little push” to help reach a final decision on an issue.

Contribution visibility

Greater transparency
Each of these features is designed to generate greater transparency within the decision making process. We’d love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think of these new features once you've tried them out with your team.