Get Your Company Ready for Collaborative Idea Management

Collaborative Idea Management

Collaborative idea management is a great way to generate and develop new business ideas.

More and more business leaders are adopting collaborative idea management systems in their businesses, as it is a far more productive and effective way of managing ideas.

Collaborative idea management systems, were first adopted by large enterprises where innovation is managed across several locations. Various teams of employees, affiliates, partners and even customers can all contribute to a new idea. But these days, collaborative idea management systems are used by all different size companies.

Is your enterprise ready to support new ideas?

Firstly, identify what are your company’s innovation needs are.

The success of an idea management strategy in will depend on the ability of people in your organization to respond and engage with new idea. If there has never been any idea management structure, one needs to be created.

Management should own the high level agenda and assign specific roles such as moderators or analysts.

Does your organization have the right culture?

New idea management technology is changing the way company’s work. These new technologies bring new capabilities, which are often unfamiliar to many businesses. Management needs to create a culture of trust in their organization, rather than enforcing policies from the top down. Cultural change in organizations will take time and involves both technology adoption and behavioral changes. It will always take longer than enthusiasts expect.

Does your company currently use other enterprise 2.0 platforms?

You can improve the odds of successfully implementing an idea management system, by integrating it with existing collaboration and social software that your organization already uses.

Is your organization prepared to learn on the job?

Enterprise 2.0 technologies are fairly new and many enterprises are still in their early stages of adopting this type of technology. Every organization is different and must be prepared to experiment to find out what works best.

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