INFOGRAPHIC: Cloud Collaboration in Business

A growing number of businesses are investing in cloud collaboration strategies and technologies to drive enterprise productivity, engagement, wisdom, innovation and communication.

Forbes Insights, recently conducted a global survey. The survey asked 527 senior executives across a range of industries various questions around the benefits of using cloud-based collaboration systems.

The Hexigo team combed every line of the survey results and visually represent the survey results in an infographic.

Business Cloud Collaboration Infographic:

Cloud Collaboration Infographic

Twelve percent of executives surveyed were CEOs, 55% held other C-level positions, and 25% were vice president level and above. All companies had at least $250 million in revenue, and 27% had more than $10 billion.

Additional in-depth interviews were conducted by Forbes Insights.

Read the full Forbes Insights report “Collaborating in The Cloud”.

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