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by Cam Hardaway, Senior Sales Director at Hexigo

A recent McKinsey study polled hundreds of C-level business leaders across multiple industries, asking them if their organization made good decisions, poor decisions or if they had NO IDEA.  The results were... interesting.

Over 54% said they had no clue if their company made good decisions, 54%!!  17% shared they made poor decisions.  You can guess what the other 29% stated.  Is this a problem?  Or better yet, is this a problem worth solving in the enterprise?  I believe the answer to both is yes.

I recently left what is arguably considered the hottest enterprise startup today, Box.  Believe your epic ideas are possible!  Fail Fast!  Trust each other we hire the best!  These were not just veiled rallying cries at Box, they were truth and everyone lived them out.  Box exists for one reason, empower their users to work on any piece of content anytime, anywhere - from any device.  They do a damn good job of it.  When technology is near-ubiquitous, it's the connection between people and information that drives business forward — Box is solving this problem.

Leaving Box was not a decision I made lightly.  My time there will forever be a career and general life highlight.  Working for and alongside the likes of Aaron Levie, Jim Herbold, Tom Addis, Lesley Young, Dan Levin, Chris Yeh, John Carlstrom and the hundreds of other Boxers was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I respect the hell out of each and every one of them.  My Box family was so inspiring that I decided to leave and help grow a new startup called Hexigo.  Crazy, I know.  You know what's crazier?  Executives having no idea if their companies make good decisions.

Companies come and go - they fail, stall or succeed but, the best of these plant a stake in the ground and commit to providing a "better way", otherwise described as solving a problem.  Hexigo is specifically designed to help companies/teams/groups make strategic decisions quickly and definitively.  They can commit to a course of action, while eliminating ambiguity about what was decided and who is responsible for what role.  The Hexigo system ensures the decision-making process is transparent, inclusive, and audit-able for future reference.  By eliminating potential instances of miscommunication, Hexigo ensures everyone is on the same page - even if they haven't attended the meeting, conference call, presentation or offsite - everyone knows what was decided, why it was decided and who authorized the decision.

I cannot today claim Hexigo will be the next great enterprise technology company but, what I can share is that the problem we’re trying to solve is worth taking the risk doing.

Companies live and die by the decisions they make.  What outcome will you choose?

Cam Hardaway worked at Box for two years before joining the team at Hexigo as a Senior Sales Director