8 ways to use Hexigo

How to manage decisions with Hexigo

1. Decision Management Track and manage your business decisions for historical insights and accountability. Manage the decision making process for future decisions to ensure that the same mistakes aren't repeated.

2. Group Decision Making Need to make a collaborative group decision? Hexigo connects decision makers, influencers, stakeholders and knowledge together. This insures better decision in-put, acceptance and communication.

3. Team Collaboration Connect dispersed team members and knowledge into a central workplace where they can collaborate to reach formal outcomes.

4. Innovation Management Manage the innovation process. Share ideas, test internally and externally, track landmark decisions, gates and outcomes in one central place.

5. Product LifeCycle Management Manage and track a product's lifecycle. Track all changes and decisions ever made for a product, to see the entire lifecycle of a certain product.

6. Crowd Sourcing Tap into a wider knowledgebase of information, and find the people or information you need quickly.

7. Compliance Management Manage and track policies and procedures in one central place. Hexigo makes it easy to update and formalize policies, as well as making it for employee on-boarding.

8. Brainstorming Ever been in a brainstorming meeting where people had good ideas, but no one acted on them and now no one remembers what was discussed? Hexigo drives all discussion to a final and formal outcome.

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