Turn your email into something more


Most people have a love/hate relationship with email. It’s great for connecting with colleagues, but it’s also a huge time drain. Hexigo helps you identify what’s important in your inbox - the emails you actually need to read... the rest you can come back to later.


Works in the email client you already use


Most of us live and work in our email client.
This is why Hexigo is designed to slot seamlessly into your existing email.
No logging into an external app or switching between systems.

Hexigo plugs directly into your Outlook or Gmail and adapts to your existing workflow.


Use email to get things done


Getting decisions made in most companies is a painful and drawn out process. And most are made in email. With Hexigo, team members can instantly focus on activities, requests and discussions that require their attention (rather than sifting through hundreds of emails to determine how to prioritize their work).